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Holy Hand Grenade!!!

boo boos in knitting....

holy hand grenade


 on up... or sideways maybe? I have come to realize that LJ does not really have the data space, at least at the free level, for me to make pic heavy posts. not that i have posted anything in LIKE forever :P but i think that's what might be holding me back. that and a bit of procrastination, and lazy :P

however i will still post here... with links to blogger where the pics will live :D 

later <3


 not actually physically moving, but the blog is. sort of... 

see the data storage isn't as big as i would like.. at least at the free level. and i think that is what has held me up in ACTUALLY posting. i think i'll still post here too, just with links to blogger, where the photos will live :D 


 Happy Valentines Day, y'all!!!!

whether you are spending it alone, with loved ones,  with your special honey, or all of the above, i hope your day is filled with love.


... this thing called snow...

 i am not to fond of this stuff. 

sure it can be pretty. 
it can be awe inspiring.
and it can be fun. 

but after awhile it just becomes this stuff that gets in the way of the storm door, sidewalks, driveways, and if there is enough of it... makes the power go out.

and don't forget the fact that in order for it TO snow it needs to be cold.  and i dislike that to. it keeps me inside. it makes me itchy, because the air is so dry. and i have to wear several layers of clothes.... so that some days i feel like, Randy. from A Christmas Story crying, " I CAN"T PUT MY ARRRMSSS DOOOWN!" . 

but it is good inspiration, while being stuck indoors, to make some of these:
most patterns from Snowcatcher

i am not sure why this came out so "blue" . i took the pic noon-ish. the sun was shining. there wasn't a shadow in sight.
oh wait.... maybe it was because this is a iphone pic.

oh well.... whatever... i never did say i was professional photographer  :)

up close ...Collapse )


a long time ago...

there was girl. and she started a blog. she was very excited. and had intended to update every few days or so, and keep anyone who did read it a little insight to her strange little life of sci-fi, knitting, and things she thought were interesting about her day. she's just not very good at posting when she thinks about it. :P

well needless to say that isn't what happened. but she plans to try again. and this time keep up with it a bit more. especially since the new year is coming up.

i do have lots to report on. i have lots of stories. and lots of pics. i will try to do better. i promise. :D

for now the short version is: i went away on october 24th, down to alabama to help out my dad and his double knee replacement surgery. yes i said double. and yes he is crazy. i was down there for 6 weeks, and came back on december 10th. and the last few days have been rearraging things for when my stepkids get here, and setting up my christmas tree.

off to more rearranging.

here's to hoping i get better at this thing called blogging :P


Photographing Food...

...is hard.

i took 8 pics...and only one of them came out alright. And I say alright because I think it could have been better. It might also have to do with WHO was taking the pictures, but I will have a talk with me and myself later.

1. With the flash, and a bit too bright.

2. Blurry much? And no flash.

3. Somehow with a slight shift,  too dark, no flash.

4. Somehow with a another slight shift, let there be light, and  Again with the Blurry,

5. Not so bad this time, but somehow the right side seems fuzzy in comparison to the left.

6. Again with the flash, And all washed out

7.  It's not meant to be fuzzy really.

8. Finally... something that resembles food.

And as you can see some is missing.
Some more may or may not become missing after I post this.




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